Monarchs for Moraga

Moraga for Monarchs is a project of Moraga Garden Club to bring back the Monarchs to Moraga.  A major feature of this project is the Monarch-specific Garden at Rancho Laguna Park.  In early 2021, the Moraga Park Foundation provided “seed” money to the Moraga Garden Club so that they could break ground and maintain their construction schedule.  MPF also provided some of the many volunteer hours at the Garden during its development.  Due to the contributions of many within our community, the Garden features beautiful artwork by local artists, surrounding benches, a solar-powered fountain, state-of-the-art precise irrigation and extensive plant identification signage.

Link to Moraga Garden Club description of the Monarch-specific Garden:

Monarch’s Project

monarch habitat_1_Rancho Laguna_031822_1200